Mummy finds 8

As our kids are growing, there are so many moments in the family life that we capture in pictures, but there are only enough walls and portraits we can have at home and unless we replace the photos of the portraits already hanging where else can we display those photos that we want people that visit us to see, I thought this was a great way of putting some of those photos and I really think the photos will look great displayed like this in a circle. Don’t you think its a very good idea?
Hope you are having a great day!

Conforme nuestros hijos van creciendo, hay tantos momentos en la vida de la familia que capturamos en fotos, pero no tenemos tantas paredes o portaretratos en nuestra casa para colgar todas esas fotos que queremos compartir con las personas que nos visitan, a no ser que reemplacemos las fotos que ya tenemos, esta me parecio una idea genial para mostrar esas fotos que no podemos colgar. que os parece? creeis que es una Buena idea?
Espero que esteis teniendo un dia genial!

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mummy finds